Who Is Nikki?
Nicola Glencross (born 21 April 1989) is a Scottish professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Cross, performing on their developmental territory NXT as a member of SAnitY.

Cross previously wrestled on the independent circuit under the ring name Nikki Storm, most notably for Insane Championship Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, and Shimmer Women Athletes. [ Read More . . . ]

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 NXT TakeOver: Orlando
002.jpg 004.jpg
SAnitY (Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, Killian Dain & Nikki Cross) defeat Kassius Ohno, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Tye Dillinger (12:10)
SAnitY is out first with Eric Young, Nikki Cross, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. The announcers talk about how No Way Jose has not been cleared due to the Axxess attack from SAnitY. Tye Dillinger is out first for his team. Ruby Riot is out next. They wait before heading to the ring. The music hits and out comes their partner, found at the last minute – Kassius Ohno.

The babyfaces hit the ring and both teams brawl. Ohno sends Dain out. Things calm down and we get the bell as Cross and Ruby go at it to start. Nikki unloads but Ruby turns it around. Wolfe tags in. Ruby looks at him and tags in Ohno. Wolfe dances around until Ohno floors Wolfe with an elbow. Ohno goes at it with Wolfe and drops him with a 2 count. Ohno works Wolfe’s arm and goes for another pin attempt. Wolfe turns it around after a distraction. Young tags in and they double team Ohno. Wolfe ends up coming back in but he misses an elbow. Strong tags in and unloads on Wolfe. Strong knocks Young off the apron and goes back to work on Wolfe. Dain also gets knocked off. Strong slams Wolfe and then Young with a backbreaker. Strong keeps control of Young and Wolfe. Dain also eats a knee. The numbers catch up as Wolfe turns Strong inside out. [ Read More . . . ]

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Happy Birthday Nikki
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Wishing a very special happy birthday to Nikki Cross from us at Nikki-Cross.com. I hope it’s filled with a little SAnitY and it’s the Best in the Galaxy!

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NXT Spoilers: May 17th 2017
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Here are NXT spoilers featuring Nikki:

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NXT Results: April 19th 2017
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Winter Park, Florida, USA
Full Sail University
STEEL CAGE Match: Eric Young (w. SAnitY) vs. “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger

Dillinger slams the cage door shut and the bell rings to start the match. He is psyched for this opportunity to fight Young with no interference from his group.

The two men trade punches to begin. Young’s attempts to slam Dillinger face-first into the cage are halted. Irish whip into the corner on Young and a back body drop by Dillinger. He slides the right knee pad down, exposing the knee and lifts Young on to his shoulders. Young grabs at Dillinger’s face though and claws at his eye socket and nose to get free. He then successfully slams Dillinger face-first into the cage wall and proceeds to stomp him as…

We go to commercial break.

On the return, Dillinger is being pulled up to his feet by the hair. Young presses Dillinger’s face against the steel cage. He asks for the door to be opened but Dillinger holds him back. Young replies with more kicks to keep Dillinger at bay. He drives his head into the turnbuckle. He lifts up Dillinger from the top turnbuckle, head under his right arm, before throwing him back to the mat. Top rope elbow to the back of the neck. 1-2- Dillinger kicks out.

The fans clap for Dillinger to get up. He does and delivers punches to the gut of Young. He attempts a superkick but Young catches him and tries to slingshot him into the corner. Dillinger lands on the middle rope and begins to climb. Young intercedes and gets knocked down to the mat. He lifts Dillinger from under his legs as the Perfect 10 begins to punch him, and connects with the sitout powerbomb! Only a 2 count though.

Young asks for the cage door to be opened again but Dillinger’s not done yet. Young climbs up the turnbuckle and begins to ascend to the top of the cage. Dillinger stops him and powerslams him from the top rope!

Commercial break

On the return, Dillinger’s found his second wind! He’s chucking Young into all sides of the cage. Stomps to the chest of Young as he lies between the ring ropes and the cage. HUGE superkick on Young and he’s busted open!

Dillinger climbs the turnbuckle and begins to drag himself over the top of the cage. Young meets him on the top turnbuckle and the two trade punches until Young straddles the top of the cage. Dillinger connects with a few right hands. Young fires them right back, slamming Dillinger head first into the top bar of the cage. Young stands up….ELBOW DROP!

Both men lie on the mat, exhausted, until Young crawls over and drapes an arm over Dillinger. 2 count! This one’s not over yet.

Young stands up and Dillinger grabs his right foot. Young grins and slowly brings Dillinger to his feet…it was a fakeout! Dillinger with the Tye-Breaker! He lands far away from Young though and decides to crawl towards the cage door instead of pinning Young. Dain, Wolfe and Cross beat up the referee and close the door in Dillinger’s face. Guess he won’t escape that way.

Suddenly, Roderick Strong and Kassius Ohno rush down the entrance ramp and defend their brother in peril. Ruby Riot drags Cross to the left of the ramp and backstage immediately. Ohno and Strong beat up on Dain. They pull Wolfe off of the cage just before Dain flies into them and smashes them into the cage wall. Then, he proceeds to climb up the cage wall until Dillinger runs into the wall and knocks him to the ramp.

Young whips Dillinger..no, it’s reversed and Young slams into the wall, throwing Wolfe to the floor. Things are really getting out of hand now. Dillinger’s on the opposite turnbuckle from the cage door and he climbs to the top of the cage where Wolfe is climbing to meet him. Dain enters the cage through the door to retrieve Young. Perfect opportunity for Dillinger to fly….crossbody from the top of the cage on half of SAnitY!

He sees Wolfe about to enter the ring from above and quickly crawls out of the cage by the door to safely escape SAnitY!

The crowd throws “10” hands at him as they celebrate. Dillinger does the same as Young writhes in pain on the mat.

Winner: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger via escaping the cage in 15 minutes

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NXT Live Results: April 14th / 15th 2017
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April 14th 2017: St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Nikki Cross, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe of SAnitY defeated Sarah Bridges, Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic

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April 15th 2017: Gainesville, Florida, USA

Killian Dain defeated Montez Ford with Nikki Cross interfering from ringside. Sarah Bridges tried to stop her to set up a match for later

Nikki Cross defeated Sarah Bridges

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NXT Results: April 12th 2017
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Winter Park, Florida, USA
Full Sail University
Singles Match: Ruby Riot vs. Kimberly Frankele

Pre-match, we get the picture in picture treatment for Riot’s promo.

The ladies lock up. They take turns flipping one another to the mat. Frankele grabs Riot by the head and rams it into the turnbuckle. Frankele charges. Boot to the face and a hurricanrana from Riot. Suddenly, the barricade is being slammed up and down, and it’s Nikki Cross from SAnitY, sauntering into the ringside area. Frankele drives Riot’s head into the turnbuckle pad. Riot fights her way out from the corner with chops to the chest. Multiple takedowns and a dropkick have Riot fired up .

Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Frankele on Riot for a 2 count. She can’t sustain the offensive attack though and Riot perseveres. Side kick to Frankele. Riot takes her by the hand to the centre of the ring, and connects with a windup Pele kick to the face. This one’s over. 1-2-3.

Winner: Ruby Riot via pinfall in 2 minutes

Post-match, Cross smiles as she looks on at Riot talking trash to her. Cross grins all the way up the ramp, laughing at what she has witnessed.

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Welcome to Nikki-Cross.com
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. . . to your newest and first ever fansite dedicated to the Scottish spitfire herself, WWE/NXT Superstar, Nikki Cross! I’ve been working on it for the past 3 weeks so I really hope you enjoy your visit! Make sure to stop by Spitfire Images, as I continue to add photos of Nikki throughout her career.

First things first, thank you to Ana of Designtopia, who designed our layouts (wordpress theme and gallery)! Their amazing and I hope you like them as well!

Tell me your thoughts about the site! Tweet me @NikkiCrosscom or contact me, any and all feedback would be appreciated!


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